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Hi all~  so sorry I haven't kept you all up to date or haven't responded to your emails.  I'll try to do better.  I went to the hospital last week for more testing and once again this week and next week.  Iam so tired and exhausted all the time.  They say my Vit. D, vit. K, and pottassium are all really low so they gave me a prescription for them.  They say all 3 can be quite serious if too low.  The doc told me they don't do gastric pacemakers anymore. So they are trying to figure out how to help me with the pain, nausea, and vomitting.  It's taking everything out of me!

still kickin'

Hello all, I still don't have my gastric pacemaker.  I think they are afraid I won't make it through the surgery.  I have been in the hospital multiple times in the last year.  I wish I still had my port-o-cath. My veins are so ruined from all the IVs.  Can't remember if I told you but last Christmas ('11) I fell and broke my hip in 3 places.  Not much else is going on with me. Just tired and weak. It's getting hard to even walk.  Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Christmas a Happy New Year!  ~~Karlene                                                                                                                                                                      

Still waiting!

Hi, I sm stll waiting to KU Med to call me to get my gastic pacemaker.  I am continuing to lose weight (not on purpose).  My doc increased (which  am rerrified!.  Needless to say my diareah is worse which makes my potassium get in the critical.  KU med has me schedule to April 29!  Wonder if I will be alive.


Sep. 23rd, 2012

Hello all,
I'm still waiting to get the go ahead for the gastric pacemaker.  I was supposed to go Sept. but since I can;t drive anymore, I can't find anyone to take me.  So know I have to wait until Nov. 19!  I feel I will be dead by then.  I'm throwing up everyday (not on purpose.
.  The only nutrition I get is through my feeding tube in my stomach!

Much love to everone~Karlene

Another Update

I know some of you have not heard from me in a while so I decided to post an update.  I am not doing so well.  I found a doctor who does gastric pacemakers.  At KU Med in Kansas City.  However, they can't get me in until Nov. 19!  I can't make it that long.  I'm not trying to, but I am losing weight (down to 79 lbs.) and feeling like total crap!  Thank you to those of you who reply to my entries, for thinking of me, and for keeping me in your prayers.  It means alot to me!


Gastric Pacemaker

I am to get a gastric pacemaker but my doctor can't find a local specialist who can do the surgery.  Plus my doctors don't think I would survive the surgery because I'm "too thin, weak, and malnourished."  My gastroparesis is really bad.  Does anyone out there know of a doctor who does this kind of surgery???  My ED is fierce and cruel.  It has ruined my entire life for the past 26 years!  I give up.  I can't fight it anymore.  26 years of starving myself and exercising to the point of collapse.  I thought I'd be dead by now, but I linger on.  Hanging by a thread.  I am no longer strong enough to fight it.


I have got to go to the gospital about every other day because of my gastroperisis.  My doctor wants me to get a gastric pacemaker.  The trouble is they don't do it around here and might have  to go Omaho.  I'm in alot of pain most of the time.  Please don't go down this road.  It is very dangerous and painful!  My intestines are almost gone, terrible stomach pain, my teeth are almost all gone, in and out of the hospital in terrible pain and very painful procedures!
Tak care!

Love Karlene


Hello all!  I hope you are having a great 4th. I just got out of the hospital yesterday.  That's the third time this week.  I may have to get a gastric pacemaker because it takes more than 5 hours to move things along, including liquids.  It takes a normal person only an hour.  Thank goodness I have a port for easy IV access because I have no veins left to get at.

Broken hip

Just wanted to post an update.  The day after Christmas I passed out and broke my hip in three places.  I had surgery the day after and they put a plate and 3 pins in.  I am now in a skilled nursing facility for physical and occupational therapy for 2 or more hours 6 days a week.  I will probably be here for a few more weeks.  I walk with a walker right now.  Then I'll move to crutches, followed by a cane.  My bones are so brittle because of my eating disorder.  That's just one of the many consequences of an ED.
Take care everyone!
Love, Karlene

November 27, 2011

I've been really sick with pnumonia, plurisy, and nodules in my lungs for 4 weeks!  At one time my fever was 105 degrees.  I'm feeling better, but they can still hear the pnumonia and the plurisy really hurts!  I'm very weak as expected with how sick I was.  My port-a-cath got infected from the pnumonia so they had to take it out.  They will put another (my 4th) one in when everything clears up.  I had to have IV antibiotics when I left the hospital.  So I would have to go up to the hospital for 7 days to receive them.  Since my veins are so bad, they couldn't get an IV started, so I got shots--2 at a time.  They hurt, but it's better than getting poked 12 times to get a vein that doesn't even last 8 hours (the truth)!

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!

My Love to All~



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